Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Center of the Universe

"Center of the Universe," in two color versions

Do you have a cat in your life that you consider to be the "center of the universe?"  I bet you do.  

And I do too.  My eldest cat, Tiger.  Tiger is the inspiration behind this particular print.  He is the center of MY universe.  Adopted him 13 year ago, and he has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  Cats can do that.

"Center of the Universe," black ink on white paper

I have been drawn to the symbol of the mandala for many years.  As a symbol, the mandala represents the universe.  "Mandala is a Sanskrit word, that loosely translates to mean 'circle' or 'center.'  Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. The imagery depicts the universe and the symbols represent one’s spiritual journey, the cycles of birth-life-death, and the interconnectedness of all living things."  I like that.

"Center of the Universe," gold metallic ink on black paper

So this print, "Center of the Universe," is all about the special connection we have with our four legged furry friends.

(Information about Mandalas from: