Monday, September 28, 2020


Because I take LOTS of photos of my work as I make a print, just thought I would share a few here with you.

This is the first block I carved.  Beautiful, isn't it?  Unfortunately, the word "Cherish" needed to be reversed on the block so that when I printed, it would read correctly.  

Here is what the initial block looked like when I test printed it.  Ugh!  I was bummed when I realized what I had done.  But because I really liked the image, I made a plan.  

I knew I wanted this to be a two color print, red and gold.  And I always cut my multi-colored blocks apart like a puzzle so I can ink the different colored parts separately, and then put them back together before I print.  Sooooo...

I decided to cut the mistake block apart and recarve just the heart again, this time, reversing the type.

And then I inked it to test how the block and the type turned out.  Perfect!  

Here I am, doing the actual print in two colors.

I used my new Wood Zilla press to make the printing easier on my hands.

The finished print.  I used Calico Safewash red ink and Cranfield oil based gold ink on thick, Stonehenge paper.  The finished print size is 10"x10."

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