Tuesday, February 14, 2023

So You Want to Learn Linocut Printing - Recommended Books and Online Resources

 I LOVE art books.  They are my favorite books to collect.  Books are such a wonderful hands on resource.  I know you can look up how to do almost anything online these days, but I still like reading a good book and looking at the pictures.  

I have three good linocut books I would recommend if you are a book lover like me.  

The first just came out in January of 2023.  It's called "Linocut - A Creative Guide to Making Beautiful Prints," by Sam Marshall.  Sam goes over all the tools and materials you will need to create a print, and she has exercises that take you through, step by step, to try different techniques of linocut printing.  There are also five artist interviews of other printmakers and their work.  I highly recommend this book if you are a beginner, or are interested in learning a specific technique that you may not have tried so far.  

You can find Sam on Instagram @sammarshallart.

The other two books I own and would recommend are "Linocut for Artists and Designers" by Nick Morley and Block Print magic by Emily Louise Howard.  They each have their own take on recommended  tools and materials, with projects and sharing of other printmakers work.  

You can find Nick Morley on Instagram @linocutboy, and Emily Howard @thediggingestgirl.


If you would rather watch videos on linocut printmaking, check out the following artists on You Tube.  These are artists I would recommend:

  • Maarit Hanninen
  • Laura Boswell
  • Honey Thief Prints
  • E Hollingshead Art
  • Colin Blanchard
  • Daniel Villa Art
Of course, there are many printmakers on Instagram and you can learn so much from following as many as you like, reading their posts and watching their videos.  You can learn sooooo many tips and tricks just doing that.  And many print artists are very generous in answering specific questions if you have some. Please just thank them for their time and generosity in sharing the wisdom they have acquired from lots of trial and error.  



This is an addition to my original post.  I had to include it because it truly is so awesome.  If you are on Facebook, you need to join the Facebook group LINOCUT FRIENDS.  It would be worth it to join Facebook just to join this group.  The group is an amazing resource for all linocut printmakers.  Artists share their work, both beginners and more seasoned printmakers, which is wonderful to see.  But you can also get tips and help with questions you have about the process or materials.  I really cannot recommend this group enough.  There are other linocut printmaking groups on facebook that you can join, but this one is truly the best.  

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